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Increase leads to multi-location businesses

The most complete GMB ranking and optimization product for franchises on the market

Babayaga proximity optimization for multi locations

We smash proximity and rankings , all GMB optimizations start with geo-centroid and build outward. We rank your listing in your city, and neighboring cities.

Image optimization

We optimize images directly in the Google API to ensure that GEO-Tags stick. Images still play an important part in the GMB ecosystem, its not if you need them but how many you have.

Managed GMB optimization for franchises and multi location

This is a fully managed service, we optimize everything, products, services, descriptions, all data fields.

Google website optimization

we optimize and launch your custom Google site to serve as a super citation and drive leads to your website,

Custom google posts for the entire organization

We create unique content that will be posted to your GMB 2x per month following best guidelines.

Citation building for multi location companies

We add a total of 24-35 new citations to give you an extra boost in serps.

Service area optimization

Service areas play an important role in Google’s algorithm and making sure that you have these entered correctly is a critical factor establishing your relevance.

Services optimization

Services and products go hand in hand when it comes to optimizing your listing as they play a distinct relationship to one another and also in helping define how your listing should appear on search and for what queries.

Geo grid reporting per location

We track and report on the progress of your campaign at the zip-code level by latitude and longitude. We ensure that radius and rankings are in tact during the initial and on-going optimization to ensure we are aligned in your rankings.

Management of a Google My Business listing

Managed GMB, Complete listing optimization & management for franchises

Fully managed GMB marketing service designed to take all the heavy lifting off your plate. Our service is designed to customize your business on Google to accurately represent who you are, what you do, and where you do it. Our GMB marketing experts will completely manage and optimize all fields inside of your GMB. We optimize the entire listing, descriptions, products, services, attributes, short links, and turn on messaging in app and on desktop .

Babayaga proximity optimization, Rank in neighboring cities

Proximity optimization is the most important aspect of increasing leads through your Google My Business listing. The key with this process is making your listing relevant for all local cities. If you want to increase your lead activity you must rank in your city and all surrounding cities at the same time. Our technology does exactly that, we start our optimization within your core city and slowly build relevance outside of the core city and into surrounding areas.

Before and After Optimization

Proximity Optimization Pre
Proximity Optimization Post
Post Example on Google MY Business listings

2x per month customized Google posts promoting each location

Fully managed GMB post creation and management of annual promotional calendar. You work hard all day and don’t always have time to communicate to your customers in an automated fashion. That’s okay, we got you covered here. We use Google posts to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis. We write and post three customized updates about your business. We will update your customers on what’s new, offers, events, or any products that you would like to showcase in any given month. We keep customers informed about your business with Google posts.

GMB image optimizations

Image optimization

Believe it or not, images and how they are uploaded to a GMB can make a real difference in the performance of a listing. It’s not if you need to upload and optimize your images, but more importantly how and from where you optimize your listings. The key with GMB image optimizations are to ensure you create unique images and we use our special techniques to maximize their relevance.

Google website optimization

Google My Business websites known as the SUPER CITATION in some circles are a great way to add an additional traffic source for your brand as well as giving consumers an additional asset to find more information about your services and products. We optimize all Google websites to ensure they are delivering maximum results for our clients.

Optimized Google Business Profile Website
Local Citations with a Boosting

Citation building for multi-location businesses

Citations done our way are an excellent way for your company to gain additional prominence inside Google’s local search algorithm.

Services optimization

Services, services, and more services. If you do the work, its important to let the world and Google know it. We have seen a significant lift in on-line visibility as it relates to how impactful optimizing a listing is for services. Services are a critical part of delivering relevance for a listing inside of Google’s local algorithm.

Optimization of Services section in GMB
Optimization of Zip codes in GMB

Service area optimization

Optimizing your service areas sound very simple on the surface, however if you do not optimize this section correctly you can potentially filter your listings from ever being shown locally to your customers. We optimize our service areas for maximum visibility to ensure that we are delivering results for your company.

Proximity Optimization Post

Geo grid reporting & multi location reports

Geo grid reporting is one of the best innovations to be brought to market in the SEO community as it gives you the opportunity to see how your customers are finding you at the ZIP CODE level. By utilizing this type of reporting you have chance to monitor the performance and growth of your listing at both the zip code and category level. Geo grids are the ONLY way to monitor local results with pin point accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can I expect results?

Typically you will see results within the first 30 days of our program being activated with a full proximity growth within the first 90 days.

3. How does our guarantee work?

Simple, we start with a pre-ranking report of 5 miles surrounding your location. We guarantee that within the first 30-45 days we will increase your local footprint or the service is free.

2. How can I pay for this?

We offer credit card billing and we also accept bitcoin and crypto currencies to pay for any of the marketing services we provide.

4. Can we pick our keywords?

The short answer is yes, but we typically give you a list of 5-10 targets which you agree to upfront as some targets are harder to penetrate than others.

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•78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

•72% of Local Searchers Visited a Business Within Five Miles

•Complete Listings are 7x More Likely to Get Clicks Than Those Left Unfinished

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